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Thank-you to Sue Clark-Sorger and John Sorger for allowing Keswick (a.k.a. Kez) to come and stay at Camp Starfire for the winter. Sue and John have been Kez's surrogate parents since the day he was born because his real Mom, Katrina, died suddenly while in labor. It just so happened that Dr. Bob Morris, of High Plains Veterinary Service, was there to watch the birth and ultimately save his life.

From the beginning, Sue and John have done it all -- from drying the newborn off, to giving Kez round-the-clock feedings starting at 50 minute intervals (UGH!), to teaching him to be a horse. Absolutely EXHAUSTING! And, this was not something either of them had prior experience with or training for! Sue scoured the Internet and gathered as much information as she could about raising an orphaned foal. She set firm limits -- which as you might imagine is a very difficult thing to do with any colt, but one as adorable and special as Keswick is makes it near impossible. Sue said "If I could pin my ears, I could do it all".

When Kez was about six months old, Sue and John decided it was best for Kez to spend some time growing up with other Fjords his age. They sent Kez to Starfire Farm to frolic and grow with our youngsters. Sue and John miss him terribly, but Kez has been good about having the camp counselors e-mail home and send photos of his time at Camp Starfire. With Sue and John's permission, we are sharing his camp photo journal.

My Dad brought me up to Camp Starfire in the middle of November. On my third day at camp I got turned out in the front paddock and got to meet the other campers. Heidi, Malin and Arend

This is the rest of the gang -- the two in front are Arend (l) and Malin(r). Bringing up the rear is Malin's ever-protective Mom, Heidi.

The first couple of days I was chased by just about everyone -- Arend was the most determined to keep me on the outside. I think Malin would have been nicer to me if her Mom hadn't kept us apart.

Kez and Millie This is Millie -- short for Millenium cuz she was born in 2000. She was real nice to me right from the start.
Hi, I'm Keswick Kez stands up to ArendI tried to be friendly with Arend (notice I brought Millie along for moral support), but thinks he's tough stuff....

Yikes! It's Arend

OKmaybe he is just a little intimidating !

I bet I wasn't at camp more than a week before we got our first snow -- cold and slushy. Geez, I really wasn't very well prepared. In New Mexico I didn't need my winter coat. Brrrr. Good thing about Colorado is it can snow one day and be 60 degrees the next
Kez in an early snow Kez in light snow
the herd in light snow
patriotic keswick Mom told me that, even though she was born in Great Britain, and my ancestors are Norwegian, we're Americans. She said that this is a great country, and we should be proud of it. I'm proud to be an American Norwegian Fjord Horse.  

the big green feeder

The cuisine is just how I like it here. All you can eat!

  We usually have a little nap time after our mealssnoozing

at the water tank

Plenty to drink, too..

sleeping in breakfast Sometimes we even nap DURING our meals. Breakfast this day was served inside our shelter because it was windy -- as you can see, it isn't windy anymore! Just SUNNY and WARM. This is our little house. Kinda cozy, isn't it? the shelter kez in shelter
After our Nap(s) -- it's TIME FOR SPORTS - YAHOO!
  Arend and Kez play ball playing ball who wants it?
reindeer Kez

We were going to participate in a Christmas play. I wanted to be Santa, but they told me I would be better as Rudolph. Arend was going to be Santa.

Well, I didn't care for that much, so I took his hat!

Santa Kez
blasting across pasture When we get to go out into the Big Pasture, do we ever have a good time! I'm running with Malin and her mom, Heidi.

hard right turn

Boy, do I like it out here

  B O I N G !!! I just get so excited when I get to run in the big pasture. running herd Kez in the big pasture

Guess that's it for now, but stop back again because there will be new pictures from Camp Starfire all the time.

See ya,

Kez looking cute