International Fjord Show, Libby 2000

Once again, we returned to the PNFPG International Fjord Horse Show in Libby, Montana.  With the help of Steve and Cheryl Gioia, we took 6 horses to the show.  BDF Magnum and Beth competed for, and won, the Versatile Fjord Award for this year.  We are very proud of Magnum, as he had to compete in Open Western Pleasure, Open English Pleasure, Single Horse Pleasure Driving and the Single Horse Log Skid.   BDF Obelisk competed in Halter, winning his 3 to 6 year old Stallion class.  BDF John Arthur worked with both Sue North and Pat Beymer, riding and driving.  In addition, John and Magnum made their Fjord Show debut as a pair.  Mares Sellie, Slomiet and FSF Gra, who belong to Susan Cargill, participated in halter classes.  Sellie was 1st in a large 3 year old mares class.  Slomiet was 5th in the same class.  FSF Gra won the 2 year old fillies class. 


BDF_Obelisk_small.jpg (23749 bytes)
photo: Hudlow Photography
Beth and BDF Obelisk

BDF_Obelisk_head_small.jpg (15733 bytes)
Photo: Hudlow Photography
BDF Obelisk

Sellie_1st_3_year_old_mare_small.jpg (28522 bytes)
photo:  Hudlow Photography
Beth and Sellie

Beth_and_Sellie_pasdesdeux_small.jpg (21233 bytes)
Photo: Hudlow Photography
Beth and Sellie in the halter class.

Beth_and_Slomiet_small.jpg (17640 bytes)
photo: Hudlow Photography
Beth and Slomiet

Slomiet_small.jpg (28942 bytes)
Photo: Hudlow Photography

FSF_Gra_1st_2_year_old_fillies_small.jpg (14139 bytes)
photo: Hudlow Photography
FSF Gra, aka. "Gracie"


Versat_maggie_small.jpg (16716 bytes)
Photo:  Hudlow Photography
Versatile Fjord 2000:  BDF Magnum with Beth and judge Mary Woolverton



Magnum Western_small.jpg (18889 bytes)
Photo: Fred Pack
Magnum, Western Pleasure


Magnum 1st place Western Pleasure_small.jpg (14302 bytes)
photo: Hudlow Photography
BDF Magnum, 1st Place Western Pleasure

MaggieLogSkid_small.jpg (14302 bytes)
photo: Hudlow Photography
Magnum, Log Skid, 1st Place

Magnum English_small.jpg (13709 bytes)
photo: Sandy North
Magnum, 5th Place English Pleasure

John_LogSkid_fredphoto_small.jpg (20349 bytes)
Photo: Fred Pack
BDF John Arthur, 5th place Log Skid

DadMaggieLogSkid_small.jpg (18240 bytes)
photo: Hudlow Photography
Dad Beymer helping

Magnum & John Arthur_Log Skid.jpg (127413 bytes)
Photo: Ursula Jensen
Magnum and John in the Team Log Skid

Sue North driving BDF John Arthur.jpg (110080 bytes)
Photo:  Hudlow Photography
Sue North driving BDF John Arthur.  3rd Place Novice Driving.

Hitch_the_pair_small.jpg (18415 bytes)
Photo: Lawrence Beymer
Hitching "The Boys"

Pat_Beymer_BDF_John__Arthur_and_BDF_Magnum_small.jpg (25961 bytes)
Photo: Lawrence Beymer
Pat Beymer, John and Magnum


Getting_ready_to_drive_small.jpg (22765 bytes)
Photo: Lawrence Beymer
Magnum, left, John right.  Pat and Beth getting them ready for a warm-up drive.

TeamPleas_small.jpg (20370 bytes)
Photo:  Hudlow Photography
Second Place Team Pleasure


Pairpleasure_small.jpg (14494 bytes)
Photo:  Hudlow Photography
Magnum and John Arthur in Team Pleasure Driving


BethandDad_small.jpg (13543 bytes)
Photo:  Hudlow Photography
Laurie Beymer, groom


Cheryl Driving Vind_small.jpg (14447 bytes)
Photo: Fred Pack
Cheryl Gioia driving "Vind"

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