PNFPG International Fjord Show, Libby 2001

These are photos from the PNFPG International Fjord Horse Show in Libby, Montana, 2001, which was held after the NFHR Evaluation.  We were kept very busy with the number of horses we brought this year, so didn't have as much opportunity to take photographs as usual.  However, we're happy to share what we do have.  There were three Four in Hand hitches at this show.  You can see those photographs on the 4 in Hand page.  Evaluation photographs are on the Evaluation 2001 page.

Anne and Misha halter72.jpg (41244 bytes)
Anne Appleby and Misha in Halter

Misha.jpg (33937 bytes)

Obelisk trot off ground 72.jpg (35955 bytes)
BDF Obelisk

Ronaldo and Joni.jpg (34233 bytes)

Arne Presthus.jpg (27088 bytes)
Arne Presthus providing commentary

Erlend.jpg (33339 bytes)
MVF Erlend

Brian waiting for Sun ceremony.jpg (76124 bytes)
Brian Jensen with Dennis Johnson and Mike May waiting for Sunday opening ceremony.

Catherine Lasessen and Lupin.jpg (46075 bytes)
Catherine Lassesen and Lupin in the Traditional Norwegian Costume class.

Alan Merrill and pair.jpg (62213 bytes)
Alan Merrill driving Brian Jensen's team in the Traditional Norwegian Costume Class.


Pit crew Sami and Frank.jpg (32880 bytes)
Starfire Farm Pit Crew members Frank Ping, Samantha Poirier and Kathy Hibbard.

Parker.jpg (35112 bytes)
The Boss:  Parker

Pit crew Michelle.jpg (35505 bytes)
Pit Crew member Melissa Ping with Maerta and Orinke.

More Pit Crew with Susan.jpg (44833 bytes)
Pit Crew members Kathy Hibbard, Bob North, Susan Cargill and Beth Beymer with Orinke and Maerta.

Thatcher.jpg (39948 bytes)
The Other Boss, Thatcher.


Brian's suicide hitch72.jpg (28703 bytes)
Brian Jensen's "Whatchamacallit" or "Suicide Hitch."

Sun open ceremony with Karen C.jpg (55770 bytes)
Waiting for Sunday's opening ceremony with judge Karen Cabic.

Line up unique hitch.jpg (64963 bytes)
Line up in the Unique Hitch class.

Sara leading unicorn hitch72.jpg (51993 bytes)
MVF Sara leading Starfire Farm's unicorn hitch


Viking warrior Kristine Wilhelm and Blikkenfjorden.jpg (34739 bytes)
Kristine Wilhelm and Blikkenfjorden.

Stick horses 3x1.jpg (26838 bytes)
Stick horses.

Norwegian Princess.jpg (47443 bytes)
A Norwegian Princess (?)

Zorro and Zena.jpg (42627 bytes)
Zorro and Xena (!)

Giant Carrot72.jpg (60796 bytes)
The Giant Carrot

Mountie Joni Morrison and Ronaldo.jpg (41054 bytes)
Joni Morrison and Ronaldo as  Canadian Mountie.

Sunday opening ceremony72.jpg (73631 bytes)
Sunday Opening Ceremony

Novice driving class.jpg (33229 bytes)
Novice Pleasure Driving Class line up.

Sue driving Sara72.jpg (37323 bytes)
Sue North, driving MVF Sara in the Novice Pleasure Driving Class, took 1st Place!

Cute haircut.jpg (32750 bytes)
What a cute haircut!

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