The Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry sponsored a seminar at the Norwegian Fjord stallion evaluations in Nordfjordied, Norway, in May 2001.  Sandy and Beth attended the evaluations, Beth as an evaluator trainee, and Sandy as an auditor.  The trip was informative and fun.   We saw numerous beautiful Fjord Horses (we were sorely tempted to purchase, but alas, the ones we wanted weren't available) and really got feel for how the Norwegian landscape shaped the Norwegian Fjord Horse.  Here are some photos of our favorite sights and, of course, horses.  


Our favorite stallion, ulsdun,

Hermann.jpg (20947 bytes)

(Sathersblakken x Evelyn)

Our favorite mare, ulsdun,

#95 ulsdun mare.jpg (18504 bytes)

(Viljar Brim x Bo Marja)


Showground in Nordfjordeid.jpg (18725 bytes)
in Nordfjordeid



Statue at the show grounds.jpg (8403 bytes)
Statue at the showgrounds


Youngstock show.jpg (19680 bytes)
Youngstock show

They get dirty in Norway, too..jpg (20413 bytes)
They get dirty in Norway, too!

Evaluating 3 year olds.jpg (21793 bytes)
Evaluating 3 year olds

Loved gelding at the School.jpg (16082 bytes)
Loved gelding at the school


Standing stall.jpg (13405 bytes)
Standing stall at the school


Geldings in standing stalls at the school.jpg (17419 bytes)
Geldings in standing stalls at the school


Ooohhh and Aaahhh.jpg (16167 bytes)


Fjord and farm scenery.jpg (15191 bytes)
Fjord and farm scenery

Manhole cover in town.jpg (28582 bytes)
Manhole cover in Nordfjordeid


Heierstads Benjamin in Norwegian Harness.jpg (21084 bytes)
Heierstads Benjamin in Norwegian Harness

5 year old stallion driving test.jpg (17928 bytes)
5 year old stallion driving test

5 year old stallion riding test.jpg (13559 bytes)
5 year old stallion riding test

Inspection before the free jumping.jpg (19100 bytes)
Inspection before the free jumping test

3 year old trotting test.jpg (17683 bytes)
3 year old trotting test

3 year old Draft test.jpg (11918 bytes)
3 year old draft test

Hermann, First in Quality 5 year old stallions.jpg (20783 bytes)
Hermann, First in Quality of the 5 year old stallions


Veslekar.jpg (19285 bytes)

Students waiting to perform.jpg (19563 bytes)
School students waiting to perform their quadrille

Norwegian judging team.jpg (16633 bytes)
Norwegian Judging Team
whose nose is this.jpg (13623 bytes)
Whose nose is this?

Posted scores.jpg (13517 bytes)
Posted scores

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