This is a Starfire Farm poster we are offering for sale, called
"The Three Brothers"

It is an actual photograph of BDF Obelisk, BDF John Arthur and BDF Magnum, taken by Sandy North.  At the time the photograph was taken, all were being worked, together, at liberty in our "round pen."   The computer "magic" was done by Laurie Prindle, who handles all of our graphic design for our ads.   It is printed on high quality poster paper and measures 11" high x 17" wide.

STARFIREPOSTER.jpg (238847 bytes)

We are offering this beautiful poster for sale for the price of $15.00, which includes shipping and handling.  To order your copy, please send a check  for $15.00 (made out to Starfire Farm) to:
Starfire Farm, 2010 Blue Mountain Ave., Berthoud, Co.   80513
for more information, e-mail us at

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