Starfire Farm's 4-in-Hand

More 4-in-Hand photographs for you to enjoy.  On August 12 we were able to enjoy schooling on High Prairie Farm's cross country and marathon course, thanks to the Colorado Driving Society.   Samantha Poirier, Frank Ping, Deanna Vaughn and Mike Adam were our trusted and very helpful grooms.   Then we went on to the PNFPG show at Libby, Montana!  There we met Brian Jensen with his Team and Jeff and Lisa Pedersen with their new Team!  It was very exciting to have three teams of Fjord horses all in one place.  All three teams performed the Opening Ceremony on Saturday and then went on to compete in a 4 in Hand Pleasure Driving Class.   Brian took 1st, we took 2nd and the Pedersen's took 3rd.  The most important thing was that we really had a lot of fun!

Team up the hill.jpg (26524 bytes)

Team trot right around bush.jpg (26436 bytes)

In the tall grass pict 3x1.jpg (32807 bytes)
Our outing at High Prairie Farm

Sunday opening ceremony72.jpg (73631 bytes)
PNFPG Opening Ceremony Sunday Sept. 9, 2001

Four in hand with Arne, Dave and Phillip72.jpg (51634 bytes)
Having fun with the "Four" on Friday after the Halter Classes.   Arne Presthus, Dave McWethy and Phillip Odden on board.

Jeff and Lisa Peds 4 in hand72.jpg (47106 bytes)
Jeff and Lisa Pedersen's 4 in the 4 in Hand Pleasure Driving Class
Four in hand waiting for opening ceremony72.jpg (42822 bytes)

Brian's suicide hitch72.jpg (28703 bytes)
Brian Jensen's "Whachamacallit" or "Suicide Hith" in the Unique Hitch Class

Four in hand warm up in arena_72.jpg (35781 bytes)
Four in hand with banner72.jpg (40560 bytes)
Out in front of the Starfire Farm banner

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