Here are some photos from our Year 2000 activities so far.............

Photos from the year 2000 National Western Stock Show Evening of Dancing Horses, a live performance with Michael Martin Murphy and the Rio Grande Band.  Beth and BDF John Arthur, and Taffy Plaisted and RT Solveig performed a driven pas de deux to Michael and the band singing Mustang Sally.  Samantha and Savanna Poirier, Beth, John Arthur and Ouray performed a skit to the lyrics of the song, "The Pony Man."

hs_jacorner_sm2.jpg (5031 bytes)
photo: Howard Schatzberg
Beth, Sandy and John Arthur

michael_wldf_sm.jpg (5985 bytes)

Michael Martin Murphy and Miss Wildfire

sallysready_sm..jpg (7153 bytes)

"Thelma and Louise," ready for the performance.

hs_circle_sm.jpg (7391 bytes)
photo: Howard Schatzberg
Under the spotlight

pnymancurtain_sm..jpg (13814 bytes)

"Pony Man" Beth with "Pirates" Samantha and Savanna Poirier

hs_twocarts_sm.jpg (9761 bytes)
photo: Howard Schatzberg
Grand exit. Sandy North and Dave Magargal as grooms.

pres_sm..jpg (13350 bytes)
photo: Sandy North
First CDE for Beth and John Arthur  Ready for presentation.  John won 1st place Training Level Pony Division.

image1_mod_sm.jpg (5620 bytes)
photo: Cathrine Werner
Bey Breeze Farm Two Phase.  Moving up to Preliminary.
The Rocky Mountains as backdrop.

johnwmup_sm.jpg (15289 bytes)
Beth and John warming up for Dressage.  1st Place Training Level Test 2

sambridg_sm.jpg (8224 bytes)
A fun day trail riding in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Sam and John Arthur.

magiewater_sm.jpg (13371 bytes)
Beth and BDF Magnum

johnwater_sm..jpg (6398 bytes)
Sam and John

picket1_sm.jpg (10422 bytes)
No lunch for us?  John Arthur, right, Magnum, left.

1stPairReady_small.jpg (19633 bytes)
John Arthur and Magnum team up
for their first 2-phase CDE

Circlepair_small.jpg (16493 bytes)
"The Boys" in their first
Dressage test together.

UnisonwalkDress_small.jpg (20699 bytes)
Walking out, in stride!

zigzagcones_small.jpg (14968 bytes)
John Arthur and Magnum in
their first cones course.

afterdrive_small.jpg (18096 bytes)
The winners!

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