Nestled near the foothills of the Colorado Front Range, STARFIRE FARM, LLC  is a small, two person, operation with Beth Beymer doing the training and Sandy North doing the "farm work." Sandy likes to say that Beth is responsible for "health, welfare and education" and she is responsible for the "petting, feeding and heavy lifting."

babymaerta.jpg (19608 bytes)
Sandy with Maerta as a yearling

We purchased our first Fjord Horse, Maerta, in 1996. As they say, Fjords are like potato chips, you can't have just one. Now we have around 15 Fjord horses, inlcuding two stallions; BDF Obelisk and Thordal.

Maerta, at 6 years old with her colt, Starfire Arend.

Maerta and Arend 6x4.jpg (23412 bytes)

Sadly, we lost Maerta to colic in 2005.



BDF Obelisk
(Gjest x Stine)



(Lestor x Kristin)


ja_award.jpg (31219 bytes)
BDF John Arthur
(Gjest x Holly)


nwsmgnm.jpg (149071 bytes)
BDF Magnum
(Gjest x Holly)


heidi_head.jpg (3343 bytes)
EFH Heidi
(Glengard x Freyja)


(Halstor x Korine)


Sara_conf_6x4.jpg (18537 bytes)
MVF Sara
(Garjo x Siri)


(Lenngard x Hanneke)


In addition to breeding Fjord Horses, we offer training and lessons in various equestrian disciplines. Training at STARFIRE FARM, LLC is based upon  horsemanship fostered by Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman and other proponents of those who strive to understand the horse from the horse's point of view, along with the philosophy of bringing along young horses in a classical manner.  We believe in a foundation of groundwork beginning at an early age.  Our young horses are handled at birth, and continue to be handled regularly throughout their formative years.  Colts are started by Beth, who patterns her colt starting style after Tom, Ray and Buck.  From there, they go on to whatever discipline suits their temperament and athletic ability, be it dressage, driving, western riding, or a combination of the above. 

Lessons are available in riding (English or Western), Dressage, Driving, Draft, or just plain old having fun! We have several wonderful lesson horses, with varying skill levels to suit your needs.

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